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Do you have info, rips, or scans of anything produced by any of the artists on this website?
Please get in contact, I would love to translate liner notes and build the archive (with credit)!!

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Why do you like 秀児 (aka Shuji 1 aka "The First Shuji") so much?
Since the day I first discovered cali≠gari, I've always loved Shuji's voice & cadence, his look, and his songwriting style. While cali≠gari have always been a fantastic band (青 is a genius!), everything they released when Shuji was their frontman is my absolute favorite thing they've ever made.

If you dig far enough into interviews, blogs, and 2chan threads, it's not hard to see why so many people didn't like Shuji - the dude seemed really abrasive - but I've always seen him as a fascinating & sympathetic figure, firstly for being one of the few musicians in V系 to publicly disclose his struggles with debilitating mental illness, but additionally for his fish-out-of-water persona.

As the lead vocalist of multiple visual kei bands, he's always seemed miscast due to his hardcore punk fashion sense, his shaved head, and his eccentric vocal delivery and demeanor. Not only was he considered an outsider in his own band for all four years that he was with them, he's even more of an outsider in visual kei as a music subculture. He's also a talented, unique, authentic artist with a strong sense of integrity (for better or worse) and I believe that his work deserves to be preserved as much as possible.

Why do you only have content for certain points in time?
Outside of the Shuji content, the purpose of the site is to archive the early periods of each artist rather than their entire ongoing activity. It's a lot easier to keep up with stuff that's already happened vs stuff that's still happening, and it's also usually the material I personally got the most enjoyment out of.

Are the audio/video materials on your site legal to host online?

Any downloadable content on the site is either long out-of-print or has been abandoned by defunct publishing labels and is basically, to borrow a gaming term, "abandonware". If there's an issue with anything I've hosted, drop me an email and I will swiftly remove such materials.

Where do you get your info & photos?
Most of the content found on the site has been acquired by me personally, either by scanning & translating official material or by collecting them from reliable vk info and auction sites throughout the years. There's also a lot of images on here that was scanned & uploaded by other people on long-dead VK fansites. Anything else will be credited directly on the page.
If you see your content posted without credit,
let me know!